Page 15 - Community Newsletter :: Spring 2021
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Public Works Department
Imperial Ave Median Improvements
The City of El Centro’s goal is to keep improving an attractive visual identity for the city that also would include entryway themes. It’s important to have proper tree care, plant new trees, open space medians and streets. The City’s Department of Public Works is constantly out and about planting new trees, installing new bus stops, fixing street lights as well as street restoration...the list goes on and on. Recently new changes have been happening on South Imperial Ave; a new El Centro sign was installed and new trees have been planted.
A little facelift can make a big difference! We strive every day to continue working on beautifying the City of El Centro, to not only make our neighborhoods attractive and clean, but to improve community appearance and be proud of our city. Streetscaping helps give the City of El Centro its own identity.
New Bus Stop
In March 2021, the Public Works Department installed a new bus stop on State Street and repainted the sidewalk. The city is committed in providing a safe and comfortable customer experience at the bus stops.

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