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Imperial Avenue Bridge
The following streets were selected to be improved:
• 5th St. from State Ave. to Park Ave.
• Ross Ave. from Lotus Canal West to City Limits
• Pepper Dr. from Cottonwood Dr. to Imperial Ave.
• Adams Ave. from La Brucherie Rd. to Imperial Ave.
• Brighton Ave. from Imperial Ave. to 8th St.
• 10th St. from Brighton Ave. to Vine Ave.
• 8th St. from Danenberg Dr. South to City Limits
• Holt Ave. from Imperial Ave. to 10th St.
• 8th St. from Oleander Ave. to Adams Ave (SB1 Funded) • Heil Ave. & Lenrey Ave. from 6th St. to 5th St.
• Lenrey Ave. from 8th St. to 7th St.
• Sandalwood Dr. from 7th St. to 5th St.
• Olive Ave. from New St. to 1st
• Fairfield from Orange Ave. to Holt Ave.
• McCullum St. from Main St. to Orange Ave.
• Holt Ave. from 2nd St. to 1st St.
Along with various streets within the following subdivisions:
• Buena Vista Subdivision • Countryside Subdivision • Ross Park Subdivision
•Desert Estates Subdivision
The Project kicked off in October 12, 2020, and is to be completed in April 2021. The city is currently planning for a 2022 Streets Rehabilitation Project for Winter 2022.
a Caltrans Project
 The Imperial Avenue Bridge construction is in full motion! Project construction began April 2020 and is scheduled for completion early 2023. The project schedule has been advanced, and the interchange is expected to open to traffic late 2021 or early 2022, with plant establishment and close-out work continuing through 2023.
The Caltrans project will construct a new 4-lane bridge with turn lanes, very similar to the Dogwood Avenue Bridge that will provide connectivity to the south side of the city. The $44 million project budget is funded through the State Regional Improvement Program and the Federal High Priority Projects Program.
2020 Streets Maintenance & Rehabilitation Improvements Project
The City of El Centro’s 2020 Streets Maintenance & Rehabilitation Improvements Project (“Project”) was designed and competitively bid by the City’s Engineering Division. The Project was awarded to Onyx Paving Co.
The Project provided maintenance and rehabilitation pavement treatments to help prolong the integrity of 14.2 miles of arterial, collector, and local streets throughout the City of El Centro. The streets were selected through an engineering analysis, which included the use the City’s pavement management system program, StreetSaver, and taking into consideration comments filed by the public to the Engineering Division.
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