Public Works Department

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Q: How do I report a "street light" out?
A: You may contact Imperial Irrigation District via email at or you may contact our Public Works Office at 760-337-4505 who will forward your information. You may also full out the contact form and submit your information online.
Q: How do I report "graffiti"?
A: You may contact our Community Services Department at 760-337-4544 to report graffiti.
Q: How do I report a "pothole"?
A: You may contact the Streets Division of The Public Works Department at 760-337-4559 or you may fill out the contact form and submit your information online.
Q: How do I apply for an "Encroachment Permit"?
A: Please download the Enroachment Permit Application. Once the application is filled out in its entirety, please submit the application in person to the Public Works Engineering Staff located at 1275 W. Main Street. Please note that an estimate of the work by a licensed engineer (or contact amount), a traffic control plan, and/or current certificate or liability insurance may be required as part of the permit application.
Q: How do I find out when my street will be swept?
A: Please download the 2015 Street Sweeping Schedule
Q: How do I get copies of building permits issued for my property?
A: Please download this request form and fax to 760-337-2319 or email to and
Q: How do I know if I need a Building Permit for my project?
A: Please contact the Building & Safety Division at 760-337-4508, we will be happy to assist you.

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