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The El Centro Police Department's Investigations Division is comprised of one Sergeant, Five Detectives, on Task Force Officer assigned to DEA, One Special Agent, One Community Service Officer assigned to Evidence, and the Division Secretary.
Four detectives are assigned to investigate general crimes; two detectives are assigned to multi jurisdictional narcotics enforcement teams and one detective is assigned to juvenile crimes. The Community Service Officer is assigned to evidence and property. The division secretary ensures the smooth operation of the division's daily activities.
Detectives follow-up felony crimes and conduct extensive investigations, allowing Patrol Officers to focus on responding to call for service. Narcotic Detectives conduct and assist in drug investigations, often involving local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. These investigations have far reaching impacts often felt well beyond the boundaries of our community.
The Community Service Officer working in evidence and property responds to crime scenes to preserve and collect evidence. Aditionally she manages the storage and release of property.
The Division Secretary handles the preparation of paperwork for sending cases to the District Attorney's Office; she also manages a multitude of other taks, making the division run efficiently. The Division Sergeant oversees the daily operations, assigns cases, offers guidance and provides leadership to the members of the Division. 

Contact us:

Sgt. Antonio Hernandez                   760-337-4502              antoniohernandez@ecpd.org

Det. Daniel Romero                          760-335-4663                        dromero@ecpd.org

Det. Omar Mandujano                     760-335-4661                        omandujano@ecpd.org

Det. Adrian Chilpa                            760-335-4662                        achilpa@ecpd.org

Det. Jeffery Malcomb                       760-335-4664                        jmalcomb@ecpd.org

Evidence Release Information        760-336-8997                        kprice@ecpd.org