Parks and Recreation Division

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Thank you fo your interest in sponsoring the City of El Centro's Special Events! Community and business support allows the City to produce many family fun events for the entire community to enjoy. Since 2007 the City had coordinated many wonderful family oriented events with over 40,000 in total yearly attendance. The events offer something for everyone; crowds continually flock to the City's cook-offs, dinner, firework shows, parades and festivals. Within this Sponsorship Presentation, you'll find that the City has many exciting events planned for our entire community to enjoy. Please keep in mind that there are a wide variety of ways to be involved with the City's Events and all forms of participation and contributions are welcome. The sponsorship levels listed within this presentation serve as a guideline showing the benefits received for specific sponsorship levels. We are more than happy to tailor the sponsorship o best fit your organizational needs and budget. We have also included a media plan sample to layout the marketing plan identifying sponsors' media benefits. We hope that this additional information is useful as you consider sponsoring the City's Special Events. Thank you again for your interest in bettering our community throug Special Events and for your consideration of sponsorship! We look forward to working with you during our Special Events season! Please feel free to contact the Parks & Recreation office 760-337-4555 if you have any questions or concerns.