Page 9 - Community Newsletter :: Spring 2021
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Gomez Park
Gomez Park is located at 901 S. Hope Street near Dogwood and Ross Avenue. This empty lot has held little more than some dust, a few rocks and the memory of David Gomez Senior. Gomez was a firefighter for the City of El Centro who began his employment in June 1973. Sadly, in November of 1976, Gomez along with other firefighters from the El Centro Fire Department were called to the scene of two men trapped in an underground gasoline storage tank. One man was rescued and recovered while the second man past away. During the rescue incident, Gomez was overcome by the heavy petroleum fumes and later succumbed. Firefighter Gomez made the supreme sacrifice in his service to protect others. His service and ultimate sacrifice has never been forgotten. Gomez was twenty-five years old at the time of his death.
In a resolution adopted by the City of El Centro on June 17, 1981, Gomez Park was named in David’s honor and is now the David Gomez Memorial Park. The park has been used over the years by area residents for an informal soccer field. Recently, more government grant funding has become available from Proposition 68 and the City of El Centro has applied for funds to rehabilitate the park.
In October of 2020, City officials met with residents including children to get input for the development of the park. Many ideas were offered such as new lighting, restrooms, soccer field, water park, exercise equipment, and a padded playground area were just a few of the items mentioned.
The Gomez Memorial Park is reaching its final design stage. Adriana Nava, Director of Community Services Department, is a true advocate for Gomez Park. “We are actively seeking funding for the park. It has sat unattended for too long and the park still has purpose and a life that can really beautify the area and make a great place for recreation for our community,” states Nava.

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