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 Sprinkles Donuts
Juan Vargas and Maria Marquez opened Sprinkles Donuts in December of 2019 at 1404 S. 4th Street, which used to be occupied by Willie’s Donuts.
The pair works hard to make Sprinkles Donuts a special place to pick up your favorite donuts and even some specialty donuts that they concoct. They pride themselves on offering food that is a cut above average, and lean more towards foods you would find in a bigger city.
Vargas and Marquez found working with the City of El Centro an easy experience especially because Vargas also owns Headquarters Barber Shop. “I opened here in El Centro because the city likes to see me grow, so they help in any way they can,” Vargas states.
“I want to tell people that are probably in the same situation as myself, If you have goals and dreams, go ahead and pursue them, and take the risk because I didn’t know much about donuts and knew nothing about operating a donut shop, but I took a chance and I have been succeeding, so I encourage others to do the same,” says Vargas.
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