Page 29 - Community Newsletter :: Spring 2021
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 Celia’s Mexican Restaurant
It is almost impossible to live in El Centro and not know of Celia’s Mexican Restaurant. Celia Herrera has lived in El Centro for fifty-eight years and opened her business in El Centro because, “I am from here, I grew up here and here is where my family is. I consider myself part of the City,” says Celia.
Celia’s Mexican Restaurant opened twenty-six years ago at the location on Adams Avenue. “Here we serve Mexican food. I think our star dish is the special quesadilla. We also have them frozen so people can take them home. We serve burritos, enchiladas, fried shrimp and our special tacos,” says Celia.
“I feel very satisfied with the team at the City of El Centro. They are very friendly and I’ve never had a problem with paperwork. Not to mention, practically all of them are my clients,” she states.

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