Page 27 - Community Newsletter :: Spring 2021
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 Pet Club Grooming
Pet Club Grooming has been open for about two years in El Centro and is owned by Ramon Ceja and Noemi Contreras. Bothareexperiencedgroomersthatdecided to work together and open their own shop.
“We provide services for all dogs and cats,” says Ramon. He goes on to explain “We provide a bath, nail clipping, anal glands, ear cleaning and teeth brushing – which is very important.”
Both Ramon and Noemi are happy to have had the experience of working with the City of El Centro. “They have helped us out a lot, in fact, they are helping us right now with some paperwork,” states Ceja.
Establishing a fairly new business is the most difficult aspect for Ramon and Noemi. Getting the attention of the public to let them know they are here and are ready to care for the grooming needs of animals. This is especially true since to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I just want to say that we are here to help. It doesn’t matter if the dog is very old or young. We will always take care of them without stress and without problems,” said Ramon.
Pet Club Grooming is located at 301 N. Imperial Avenue in El Centro.

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