Page 25 - Community Newsletter :: Spring 2021
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             With a new CEO, Daniel Sohn, at the helm we are looking forward to continued growth and stronger partnerships with the many noble organizations that help to make our city and county the best possible place to live!!
Stay safe and SHOP LOCAL!
                 The Culmination of a Journey!
How do we regroup after the pandemic?... How do we move past the fear and the loss each of us has experienced?...
Trust is defined as the assured reliance on the character,
 ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. We at the chamber trust our city and county to guide through the process of reopening. We trust our hospitals to take care of our community’s health, and we trust our small business members to provide services even through challenging times!
The El Centro Chamber has grown tremendously during the last year and we have reaffirmed our belief in small business owners. The courage, strength, and resilience these “heroes” have demonstrated during the last year is inspirational! We are blessed to be a part of an amazing community who continue to support our business members!
We are going back to basics at the chamber and will continue to be an advocate for business, provide economic leadership and foster community pride to ensure growth, prosperity, and quality of life in El Centro and the Imperial Valley. Working with elected officials in the city, county and state have enabled the chamber to be on the leading edge of communication for our members and our community!
The El Centro Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau along with participating game sponsors, have created EL CENTRO-OPOLY, a new board game that is surely to be a favorite in your collection! The cost is only $35 per game board and is available at the El Centro Chamber office and other locations to be determined. GET YOURS TODAY!
A Limited Edition keepsake for your family & friends game night! Yes! This board game is a limited edition and is based on the well-known game Monopoly©, featuring some El Centro Chamber members and local businesses, organizations and local favorites!

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