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Special Events
Virtual Bingo
Our first ever Virtual Bingo was held on February 4th; Senior, Junior, Youth, and Adult Bingo. Games were hosted by the Mayor, Council Members, Directors and City Staff. We had great public participation and there were 3 winners per game. All you had to do is yell BINGO and once the card was verified, you won a prize. We hope this will be an event we can continue year after year. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to host and participate as well as our city staff for making this happen; it was so much fun!
Team Scavenger Hunt
Our Scavenger Hunt was held on February 9th. Teams were emailed the clues that led them to city facilities, parks, local restaurants, and businesses. Prizes ranged from first team to upload their photos and tagged Parks and Recreation on Facebook to team with the most Mardi Gras spirit. Thank you everyone who participated and to the staff for making all this happen.
Virtual Mad Dash & Swim 5k
Run, walk, or choose, at your own pace
These events took place on different dates. The first 200 participants who registered received a swag bag filled with lots of goodies... a runner’s bib, beads, glow sticks and an event T-shirt that was sponsored by ECRMC. Thank you to all who participated and to our city staff for the dedication and hard work.
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