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 El Centro
                       Police Officers/ Explorers Advisors
                                      Across our country many cities and towns have developed Explorer Programs. This type of program is typically offered through police departments. They are essentially designed for area youths that are interested in a career in law enforcement. An explorer program can offer a great head start into law enforcement but also provide valuable skills that can help all young people throughout their lives and career paths.
Exploring began as a senior program in the early Boy Scout troops. The older boys carried out high-adventure activities, service projects and provided leadership to younger Scouts. In 1935, senior Scouts were called Explorers for the first time and over ninety years later, the name carries on. Many were organized in separate exploring crews and in troops using a Senior Scout program. In May 1949, the National Executive Board revised senior scouting to recognize individuals as explorers all young men in posts such as Sea Scout ships, Air Scout squadrons and all Boy Scouts over the age of fourteen in troops.
Over the years, explorer programs have evolved many times and on many different levels. Here in El Centro, the program is dedicated to our local young people that may be considering a career path in law enforcement, military or to expand their life skills. The explorer program is open to any young person from fourteen to twenty-years of age.
The City of El Centro Explorer Program is Post #1908 and is in its third year of enrollment. The post remains active among community youths with steady registration into the program. Once enrolled, the participant is deemed to be a “Cadet.” The program is designed to teach and foster a sense of integrity, responsibility and learn to work as a team. During the program course, cadets are able to go out into the community with officers to meet and talk with area residents and also go on ride-a-longs. Detective Jeff Malcomb describes the program, “the explorer program is geared to teach KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) in law enforcement. However, the same KSA’s translate to building exceptional law enforcement officers and can also be directly applied to any profession our explorers decide to pursue.”

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