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 Live tutor with sections for K-12 students, college students, and adults. Help in English, math, science, and social studies. Plus, proof point writing center and skills center resource available 24/7.
 Provides full text for more than 1,050 general references publications with coverage as far back as 1984. Also includes 50 full text reference books and an image collection of over 502,000 photos, maps and flags.



Learning Express

LearningExpress Library features nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks to help patrons of all ages. It offers job search and workplace skills improvement, skill building in reading, writing, math, and basic science, career certification and licensure exam prep, college and grad school entrance test prep, GED test prep, and more.
El Centro Public Library is now offering Zip Books. What are Zip Books? Zip Books is a new patron-driven model for securing the books you want to read. The best part? It's fast, cost-effective for us and most importantly, your request is delivered by Amazon directly to your home mailing address. When you finish reading the item, return it to the library. You may then request another Zip Book. All we ask is that you fill out a survey form once you return your requested item. How easy is that? Contact the library at 760-337-4565 or stop by and ask us about Zip Books!


Download and enjoy digital books on your computer, Smartphone or eBook reader anytime, anywhere