Fire Department

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 Firefighter Scramble

Mission Statement:

Protect life, property, and environment through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery actions.

We accomplish our mission through:

Mitigation - Action taken to prevent future emergencies and disasters and/or action taken to minimize their effect.

Preparedness - Action taken to prepare to handle an emergency or disaster.

Response - Action taken during the emergency or disaster.

Recovery - Action taken recovering from an emergency or disaster.

Core Values:

Integrity - We hold each other accountable for adherence to a standard of high moral and ethical values.

Trust - We rely on and have confidence in the character, abilities, strength, and truthfulness of all our members.

Respect - We regard and treat each other as professionals.

Excellence - We strive to continually improve and to provide the best service possible


"Courage to Act, Commitment to Serve"