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El Centro Fire Department

Department Badge


The El Centro Fire Department will be recognized for leadership and innovation in providing emergency services. As we continually raise the bar and demand more from ourselves it will be clear that our commitment and dedication to each other and the community we serve will become our most valuable assets. Moving forward, our organizational agility and discipline will enable us to exceed the highest of standards as we achieve our goals.
Protect life, property, and environment through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery actions.
We accomplish our mission through:
Mitigation – Action taken to prevent future emergencies and disasters and/or action taken to minimize   their effect.
Preparedness – Action taken to prepare to handle an emergency or disaster.
Response – Action taken during the emergency or disaster.
Recovery – Action taken recovering from an emergency or disaster.
Core Values
Integrity – We hold each other accountable for adherence to a standard of high moral and ethical values.
Trust – We rely on and have confidence in the character, abilities, strength, and truthfulness of all of our members.
Respect – We regard and treat each other as professionals.
Excellence – We strive to continually improve and to provide the best service possible.
Courage to act, commitment to serve

All correspondence can be directed to:

 El Centro Fire Department
1910 N. Waterman Ave., El Centro, CA  92243

Bus. 760.337.4530      Fax 760.337.4501

Station One -  775 State St.,
Station Two -  900 S. Dogwood Avenue
Station Three - 1910 N. Waterman Avenue