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Successor Agency to the El Centro Redevelopment Agency

The Oversight Board for the Successor Agency to the El Centro Redevelopment Agency has been established, pursuant to California State Law, to direct the Successor Agency, which is the City of El Centro, to take certain actions to bring to a close the projects and activities of the El Centro Redevelopment Agency.

Members of the Oversight Board:
Sedalia Sanders, Chairperson - Mayor's Appointment
Leticia Salcido - Mayor's Appointment
Charles Jernigan - Largest Special District (Central Valley Cemetary) Appointment
Jeffrey Hester - Board of Supervisors Appointment
Jose Landeros - Board of Supervisor's Appointment
Kristy Curry - El Centro Elementary School District Appointment
Secretary to the Oversight Board: L. Diane Caldwell
Deputy City Manager/Community Services Director/Staff to Oversight Board: Marcela Piedra
City of El Centro Counsel: Betsy Martyn
Oversight Board Counsel: Ryan Childers

For more information, please contact the City's Community Services Department at 760-337-4543. For meeting agendas, please click below.