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Graffiti Program 

The City of El Centro through its Economic Development Division takes action to eradicate the graffiti that is blight in our city. It is the responsibility of all property owners in the City of El Centro to remove graffiti that occurs on property they may own. To assist property owners in removing graffiti, the City of El Centro and its Economic Development Division have developed a graffiti removal program. Participation in this program is voluntary and free. To participate in this program, the property owner, and or his/her authorized representative must sign the consent form below to allow permission to enter private property to cover the graffiti that closely matches the color of the building. If a property owner has matching paint, please contact the Economic Development office below and we can make arrangements. The City welcomes and encourages residents and businesses to become actively involved in graffiti abatement. 
To report graffiti within the city limits of El Centro, there are four methods of contact:
Visit the Action Center, click graffiti
Please email: graffiti@cityofelcentro.org
Call and report graffiti at 760-337-4543
Visit the Economic Development Division at 1249 W. Main Street in El Centro