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Planning Documents

General Plan

Every city and county in California is required to a comprehensive plan of their physical development. This document is called a "General Plan" and is divided in several elements that discuss seven required topics (Land Use, (traffic) Circulation, Housing, Conservation, Open Space, Noise, and Safety), plus any optional topics of local significance. Each of these element contains goals related to each issue and policies and programs to achieve those goals. The City of El Centro current General Plan was adopted in 2004. The Housing Element is required to be updated every eight years and was last updated in 2013. Please click on the bold titles below to open the link for each General Plan Element:

Cover and Introduction - Contains and overview of the General Plan and community vision. 

Land Use Element - Discusses the plan distribution of land uses, population density, and building density for the Planning Area. Also includes the City's Land Use Map. 

Circulation Element - Concerns major transportation improvements and utility lines and must be consisted with the Land Use Element. It also shows plan transportation improvements to serve vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians. 

Housing Element - Assesses housing needs for persons from all income groups and special needs groups. Provides a program plan to meet those needs. 

Conservation / Open Space - Goes over the conservation of local resources such as agricultural land, water, air quality and energy. This element also includes policies manage and provide open space areas. 

Noise - Identifies sources of noise throughout the planning area and establishes policies to reduce their impact to the community. It also identifies land uses sensitive and maintain noise levels in those areas to appropriate levels. 

Safety - Identifies and addresses those features or characteristics existing in or near El Centro that represent a potential hazard to the citizens, structures, and infrastructure in the community. 

Economic Development - provies an oppurtunity for El Centro to strtegically position the City to resume growth by taking advantage of the larger globalization forces that are shaping the economy of Southern California and the US Mexico border area. 

Public Facilities - The purpose of the Public Facilities Element is to ensure that sufficient levels of public services are provided as El Centro develops. It addresses several public services including Parks and Recreation, Education, Police, Cultural, Civic, Fire, Water, and Sewer services. 


Bicycle Master Plan 

The Bicycle Master Plan was adopted by the El Centro City Council in October 2010. 

  Vision 2050 Strategic Plan 

The Vision 2050 Strategic Plan identifies broad goals and objectives that will achieve the community's vision. The Plan is a blueprint for community leaders, City Staff, and the community at large with the overarching purpose of creating positive change within the community. 

  Service Area Plan 2016 

The 2016 Service Area Plan (SAP) outlines the City's exisiting public services and facilities, estimates the current and future anticipated deman for such facilities and services, and describes how necessary facilities and services will or may be developed and extended to meet demands. The SAP is intended to deomnstrate the City's intent and ability to provide adequate services to the SOI boundaries at the time of annexation. An approximately 10-year planning horizon is used to forecast growth, and the estimated demands and provision to meet demands are based on population projections for 2025. 

  Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan 

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan (Master Plan) serves as a guide to the future development and improvement of parks and recreational facilties in the City of El Centro.