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Building and Safety Division

1275 W. Main Street
El Centro, CA 92243
P: 760-337-4508
F: 760-337-2319 

The Building and Safety Division provides Building Code enforcement for all construction projects located in the City of El Centro. We do this in a professional, conscientious and customer service oriented manner. We also provide courteous, professional and helpful service at the Building and Safety counter for Architects, Engineers, Developers, Contractors, property owners and the general public.   

To apply for permits during the pandemic, please download our application, and email that with any required plans to probinson@cityofelcentro.org   We will contact you with any questions.  We are issuing permits on a case by case basis.  Any questions please call (760) 337-4508.

Current Codes:  California Building Codes
ATTN: Pool Contractors:  New regulations for drowning prevention regulations.
You can download a copy of this new regulations here.
Notice to Property Owners: In order to provide property owners with more flexibility in providing shade to their homes, the City Council amended the Zoning Ordinance to allow roofed, open-sided patios in the front yard and side yard setback areas. A property owner may construct a patio within the side yard setback areas as long as 5-foot property line setback is maintained. A property owner may also construct a patio in the front yard setback area, as long as the patio does not extend more than 5 feet into the required front yard. The patio must be attached to the primary residence and cannot be enclosed as living space. This regulation does not apply to Carport construction.  

What is an Owner-Builder? 

  • An owner-builder is what the term indicates: a person owns the property and acts as their own general contractor on the job, and either does the work themselves or has employees (or subcontractors) working on the project.
  • The work site must be their principal place of residence that they have occupied for 12 months prior to completion of the work.
  • The homeowner cannot construct and then sell more than two structures during any three-year period.

Owner-Builder Responsibilities

When you sign a building permit application as an owner-builder, you assume full responsibility for all phases of your project and its integrity. You must pull all building permits. Your project must pass codes and building inspections.

The owner-builder is responsible for ordering materials and making sure all suppliers are paid.

An owner-builder also is responsible for supervising, scheduling, and paying subcontractors. If you use anyone other than a licensed subcontractor for work, you may be considered an "employer."

Owner-Builder Risks


This section presents some additional issues that should be taken into consideration before deciding to become an owner-builder

ALERT: Be wary of "consultants" or unlicensed individuals who will try to talk you into becoming an owner-builder as a way to save money. They are usually the ones who illegally profit from this arrangement.
AB-3002 - Disability access requirements  

Building and Safety Staff

Frank Soto,
Chief Building Official

Javier Ortiz,
Building Inspector

Patsy Robinson,
Permit Center Technician

Lizzie Rodriguez,
Secretarial Assistant

 Anna Garcia, Code Enforcement Officer Matthew Cooper, Code Enforcement Officer

Angela Arredondo, Code Enforcement Assistant