City Clerk's Office

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 City Clerk's Office
"Serving the Public with Integrity and Professionalism"
L. Diane Caldwell, CMC
City Clerk
City Clerk Staff: Norma Wyles, Staff Assistant and Aimee Martinez, Secretarial Assistant
The City Clerk of the City of El Centro serves as the liaison between the public and the City Council. We strive to ensure that the City's legislative processes are open and transparent.

 Role of the City Clerk

The City Clerk is the local official for elections, local legislation actions, and access to city records, ensuring transparency to the public. The City Clerk follows federal, state and local statutes including the Public Records Act, the Political Reform Act, the Brown Act (open meeting laws) as well as Ethics Training. Before and after City Council takes action, the City Clerk ensures that actions are in compliance with all federal, state and local statutes and regulations, and that all actions are properly executed, recorded, and archived.

As a Legislative Administrator

The City Clerk is a key staff member for council meetings. The City Clerk prepares the legislative agenda, ensures legal notices have been posted, published and completes the necessary arrangement to ensure an effective meeting. The City Clerk is entrusted with the repsonsibility of recording the decisions.

As a Records Managers

The City Clerk oversees the perservation and protection of the public record and is the official custodian of records. By statute, the City Clerk is required to maintain the minutes, ordinances and resolutions adopted by legislative body. The City Clerk also ensures that other municipal records are readily accessible to the public.

As the City Elections Official

The City Clerk assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during and after an election. From election preplanning, filing of campaign disclosure documents, and the administration of oath to the newly elected.

 Other Duties

Administers oaths of office to the City Council, Employees and Board Members/Commissioners; Custodian of City Seal; Receives and opens bids; Coordinates the recruitment for City Council appointed Boards and Commissions; Maintains the City Code; Receives claims and suits related to the City and El Centro Regional Medical Center.


The Office of the City Clerk is a service department where the general public can rely for information regarding the operations and legislative history for the City. My office is committed to providing accurate, efficient, and courteous service to all, while remaining neutral and impartial.


For birth certificates, death certificates, and marriage licenses, please contact the County of Imperial - County Recorders/Clerk's Office at 442-265-1076.